Radim Rehurek | 3 Feb 18:33 2012

Re: [gensim:906] Re: LDA visualization questions

Thanks a lot Skipper, much appreciated!

If people start using TMVE, I can include better support for it in gensim. In fact, that was the original idea
when it came out, except TMVE seemed to have entered a zombie state :(


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> Od: Skipper Seabold <jsseabold@...>
> Předmět: [gensim:905] Re: LDA visualization questions
> Datum: 03.2.2012 15:15:50
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> 2012/2/3 Radim Rehurek <RadimRehurek@...>:
> > Hello enyun (cc Skipper and the mailing list),
> >
> > we had a conversation about TMVE some time ago with Skipper, but I think
> it went off the mailing list. Grrrr :)
> > Conclusion there was that TMVE had serious bugs in their implementation
> of the similarity measures, so the output was more or less random.
> >
> > I contacted Allison (the author of TMVE) about this ~one year ago, who
> said she's working on this, but haven't heard since. Later, Skipper made
> some improvements to TMVE, check out his fork at
> https://github.com/jseabold/tmve .
> I highly recommend using this fork instead of Allison's. Her implementation
> is loop-based and can take several hours to run, whereas mine is vectorized
> using numpy and can take several minutes. I've started to include there
> some more distance functions versus the curious choices that were made in
> the original code (I think there were mistakes and this was acknowledged
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