Wouter Boers | 1 Dec 15:11 2010

Re: AW: Can't open files

Hi Mario,

Jaas would be nice to have. Webdav can only use digest or basic authentication. Having a 'real'  user makes is
easier to set-up access rights, The problem you have is not a Jackrabbit problem but a MS issue. 

Unless you use sharepoint, the office stack by definition does not allow you to open files in read/write
mode on a webdav server. You need to adjust the registry settings for that.  The fix depends on the office
version you use. 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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Regards, Wouter
On 1 dec 2010, at 13:03, Mario Killmer wrote:

> Hello again,
> that's make me crazy ! Maybe some of you can point me to the right
> direction.
> I try to open an word document in read-write mode from a windows webdav
> client (explorer). But when I click on the files in the webfolder nothing
> happens. And I don't know where my problem is !
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