confucion | 3 Mar 11:48 2006

Re: limiter feature?

Chris Bagwell <chris <at>> writes:

> I'm not really sure how best to do full volume mixing.  It would be easy 
> enough to implement a limiter on the mixing (there is already limiter 
> logic in the "vol" effect) but I'm not sure it would be much different 
> then what we have today.

I overlooked the vol gain effect. I tried it and the limiter works since now I
don't get digital distortion in some parts of the mixed audio. But it's limiting
effect is not the best method. In fact, the current limiter works more like a
normalizing-limiter if there is such a thing. The way I think it works now is
that soxmix scans the peak volume of both files and then adjust other volume
relative to that summed peak.


(-0.2) = a waveform exists and its peak is limited at -0.2dB
______ = silence

File1.wav: ___(-0.2)___(-0.2)___(-0.2)___(-0.2)___(-0.2)
File2.wav: ____________(-0.2)___(-0.2)____________(-0.2)

RUN soxmix file1.wav file2.wav mixdown.wav vol 1 type-dB: 0.02

it looks like:
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