Sergey Golovin | 27 Jan 14:56 2010

Fwd: [Bug 2042] The wildcard "*" doesn't give expected results by search in contacts or enterprises

------- Additional Comments From sebastia@...
2010-01-27 13:23 -------
However, the full text search for me is completely broken, doesn't matter what I
search: e.g. justsomething or 'blah', with or without the patch, it always
throws the exception:
Searching the web, I found this:

I have postgresql-8.3.7 running on my box.

Sergey, do you can tell me whether the full text search works for you, and which
version of postgres do you are using.


The full text search works well for me with postgresql-8.3.9.

Sergey Golovin

-- Developer