AKnasinski | 17 Feb 23:29 2007

Re: Address Parsing From A Varied Text Block

check out our address validation service. you can do this thru web  
viewer with fmp 8.5 or thru plugins with any other fmp release.


pass the lines of data like you would see on an address label and it  
will standardize and split up the data back to you. it will also tell  
if you an address is deliverable (according to usps) and if it's a  
business or residence.

On Feb 16, 2007, at 8:36 PM, Filemaker Experts wrote:

>  Dave - yes that is exactly what I am talking about ... I seem to  
> remember
> seeing some version of this demoed somewhere recently ... But I cannot
> remember where.  If you ever do find that address parsing file ...  
> I would
> love to get a brief view of it if possible.......
> Q:  has anyone else seen any kind text block address parsing FileMaker
> script on the Internet anywhere?