Jonathan Fletcher | 13 Feb 16:55 2014

Re: Figuring freight from multiples of smaller weights


Scot's right. And yes that would take an extra table. Sorry. I missed that part in your OP.

Just create a table with a weight (lbs) field and a cost field, or whatever the increments are from UPS. Do a
lookup and take the next higher weight value if you have an in-between weight that doesn't match the
increments in your other table. (It's a setting in the Lookup section in the Field definition dialog.)

It also depends on the destination and the service, too, doesn't it? You can use this approach to
"ball-parking" the shipment costs, but if you need exact values from multiple variables you will need to
get that from WorldShip. 

NRGSoft makes a great solution for tying UPS/FedEx/USPS into your FMP solutions. It's not dirt cheap, but
if you do even a modest amount of shipping it should pay for itself really quickly:

UPS does have an API that you can access directly, but NRG would cost you way less than all the effort it would
take to "roll your own." I have done a variety of API integrations with FileMaker and I couldn't do even a
simple integration with UPS for the price of a license for NRG. 

So, if your resources are limited I would suggest that you create a table like Scot described with the
various weight levels and prices and just lookup from there. Estimate a little high to cover any other
variables and it should be quite effective.


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> cleaner, but it doesn't give the cost of the shipment.
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