HeiHeShang | 16 Feb 14:21 2012

Can't find and updating

I'v next schema
Castomer = new Schema({
    'name': { type: String, index: true },
    'inn': {type: String, index: true},
    'users': [Schema.ObjectId],
    'castomer_id': ObjectId,
    'child' : [Castomer]

my data
{ _id: 4f2d495736343fbf5b000002,
  name: 'My',
   [ { users: [],
       child: [],
       _id: 4f2fe7676c4096255a000005,
       isGroup: 0,
       inn: '32432',
       name: 'dfgdf' },
     { users: [Object],
       child: [],
       _id: 4f390749c10c5bee12000009,
       activity: 'ewwer',
       responsible: 'апвапав',
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Christian Kvalheim | 20 Feb 12:49 2012

Re: Can't find and updating

This is easier to get a question about at the mongoose forum


or the irc channel on freenode



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