Chuck Meade | 7 Feb 14:00 2012

Does OpenOCD support kernel/module level debug on BeagleBoard XM

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the following combination:
  OpenOCD 0.5.0
  FlySwatter 2
  BeagleBoard XM rev. C

To connect to a running Linux kernel and debug.  The desired method is to
connect OpenOCD to the target via the FlySwatter2, set a breakpoint, resume the
previously-running kernel instance, etc.

I ultimately want to use this setup to debug a kernel module.

To do the above, the setup would have to support MMU awareness since Linux runs
with the MMU enabled.

So far, when I start up OpenOCD, it appears to wipe out/ignore the running Linux
context.  There seems to be no way to "resume" anything valid after I connect.
However, the online instructions that I followed do say to start up with options
-c init and also -c "reset init".  So I suppose those could be somewhat destructive
to the running context(?)

I have tried altering those -c options, to no avail so far.  I have also tried to
see if the setup is recognizing that the MMU is enabled, so far with no luck.
I don't see any sign yet that this setup (these tools) are MMU-aware.

Has the above kernel-space debug method ever been done successfully with this
combination of tools?

Thanks very much,
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