Daniel Carrion | 11 Aug 23:43 2013

Re: [boinc-android-testing] Re: POGS Computation Errors - Calling for help.


There is one more version that's just been released to
http://pogstest.theskynet.org/pogstest. This one is built from a recent
commit to BOINC repo, which excludes continuous cpu time calculation for
Android to overcome a bug that crashes the wrapper. It's pretty much
identical to version 0.09 that was recently released. I ask that all users
testing to update/reset to receive version 0.10 app tasks. This will
probably be the one released to http://pogs.theskynet.org/pogs.

Additionally, I am going to keep an instance of these wrapper tasks up at
my project site here <http://akira.onburde.net/burdetest/>, as we still
need to get to the bottom of the problem. Anyone that has this issue and
willing to spare an Android device out of hours please attach to the
project so I can collect relevant debugging output for analysis.

Thanks to all that have helped thus far.



On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 4:18 PM, Daniel Carrion <dcarrion87@...> wrote:

> Hello Again
> I have pushed out yet another version that outputs during task poll loop
> for 60 counts. If you can, please attach so we can see if this reveals any
> patterns as to where it's exiting.
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