Don Parris | 6 Jul 20:32 2012

Updated Tutorial for Connecting LibreOffice to PostgreSQL via SDBC 0.8.1

Hi all,

I have now posted an updated tutorial for connecting LibreOffice to
PostgreSQL using the native SDBC driver (0.8.1).  My old tutorial mentioned
that it was not then possible to add or edit data.  This updated version
address the read/write issue and is a (hopefully) much better tutorial -
screenshots included.  It applies more to LO 3.4, since I understand 3.5
has the SDBC driver as an optional installable, rather than as an
extension.  That said, the rest of the tutorial (the actual connection to
the database) should apply to future versions of LibreOffice as well.

My tutorials on LibreOffice and PostgreSQL are the most-sought-after items
on my blog, so please.. let me know of any issues you find.  It is
necessary to register on the blog to post comments there, but comments are
welcome there as well as here on the list.

D.C. Parris, FMP, Linux+, ESL Certificate
Minister, Security/FM Coordinator, Free Software Advocate
GPG Key ID: F5E179BE


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