Tyler Hicks | 14 Mar 21:56 2012

Re: [PATCH] eCryptfs: Fix kernel bug for writing mmaped non-eCryptfs file

On 2012-03-13 19:39:49, Li Wang wrote:
> eCryptfs did not handle the writing for mmaped non-eCryptfs file.
> Instead, it put BUG_ON(!(crypt_stat->flags & ECRYPTFS_ENCRYPTED))
> on ecryptfs_writepage call path. This patch enables eCryptfs to
> deal with such case, to fully support non-eCryptfs operations as it
> claims.

Hi Li - Thanks for the patch!

Before I review/merge it, I'm curious if you use the
ecryptfs_plaintext_passthrough feature? IMO, it is a terrible design and
I've found that hardly anyone uses it. Maybe *no one*, after knowing
that mmap was broken for plaintext files...

Having to pre-create the file in the lower filesystem in order for it to
be a "plaintext" file inside the eCryptfs mount is a terrible idea. The
admin/user/application has no idea if the file is plaintext by looking
at it inside the eCryptfs mount and he/she has to examine the file in
the lower filesystem to find out. If that file is ever unlinked and then
created again, it turns into an encrypted file. There is too much
uncertainty around this feature for it to exist in a cryptographic

I'd really like to continue focusing on getting eCryptfs as stable as
possible and then dump the CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL dependency at some point.
As a prerequisite to that, I'm thinking that
ecryptfs_plaintext_passthrough support should be removed, at least in
its current form. Any thoughts?

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