Philip Withnall | 17 Mar 16:40 2012

totem-pl-parser 3.3.92 released

totem-pl-parser 3.3.92 is now available from:

73079e3a3b9405c9984b75cdbe2afdcd0284c93e4910a3b2422fd9325b575121  totem-pl-parser-3.3.92.changes
a434da30d0a3f2fe9e1cf96f882aa9c28cd4bff9354807ae22ba7b2a62ba4986  totem-pl-parser-3.3.92.tar.xz

This is a micro release disguised as the final 3.4 RC. A couple of
build and introspection bugs have been fixed, some new translations
(Uzbek and Khmer) have been added, and RSS feeds have been fixed for
video sites.

About totem-pl-parser

totem-pl-parser is a simple GObject-based library to parse a host of
playlist formats, as well as save those.

Overview of changes from 3.2.0 to 3.3.92

- Fix introspection of TotemPlParserMetadata
- Fix compilation with libgcrypt
- Handle RSS feeds for video sites

Philip Withnall
March 17, 2012
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