Jérôme Warnier | 3 Dec 20:06 2003

GNOME and Debian deployment

I haven't seen much trafic on this list yet. Maybe you are all too busy
with deployment?

Well, I wanted you to know what I've done for the last year at least in
a small business (+-60 person).

Most of the things I've done is described (mostly in French) on the
following link but I'm going to explain it shortly here too:

It tells how and why and everything about the migration of a SME using
Windows (NT and 2000) and Mac stations to Debian GNU/Linux with GNOME
(1.4). And guess what? It makes sense!

So, they have Mac stations which remain unmodified for the moment
(pre-press applications needed). But everything else has changed at
least a bit.

To start: no more MS Office, OpenOffice.org is now on every machine,
under GNU/Linux and Windows. Some MS Access remain, though.

Next, their mail, file and print servers migrated to GNU/Linux, but we
don't care here, as we are talking about GNOME.

Most of the workstations are now running Debian GNU/Linux Woody, with
GNOME 1.4 and OOo 1.0, Evolution 1.2, ... Everything is running really
fine, on average low-end PC (PII 300MHz with 128MB RAM are common) but
we wanted more. More features, more compatibility, more performance, ...
And the next version (which is already in test on 4 machines) brings it
all: GNOME 2.2 and OOo 1.1, Evolution 1.4, and a now (at last!) fast
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