uws | 2 May 22:03 2004

Re: Does it exist a command to shutdown gnome in a clean way without user interaction ?

På Sun, May 02, 2004 at 03:12:05AM +0200, Djamé Seddah skrev:
> my pc is shutting down every day at 4 A.M so each time, it seems to kill 
> everything (result of the command shutdown -h now) but i would like it 
> to quit properly my gnome session, so I looked into the gnome-session 
> manpage and the panel manage but I didn't find anything about quiting 
> properly gnome itself...

> I was wondering if it exists a signal or something to make it quit 
> without interaction from the user (at this time the user is sleeping) ?

Have a look at gnome-session-save. Excerpt of the manual page:

       gnome-session-save - Saves the current GNOME session (or terminates it)
       You can specify the --kill argument to terminate the GNOME session.

Good luck.

  mvrgr, Wouter


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