Tamas Nepusz | 1 Sep 22:36 2008

problem with linking against MSVCR71.DLL and _ctype

Dear All,

I'm trying to compile a Python C/C++ extension in Windows using MinGW.  
For the well-known reasons (Python is built with MSVCR71.DLL), I have  
to link the extension with MSVCR71.DLL as well, so I followed the  
instructions of the following webpage to prepare MinGW to link with  


For some strange reason, the built library tries to make use of the  
_ctype symbol, which is only present in MSVCRT.DLL but not in  
MSVCR71.DLL. When browsing the archives, I found that this can be  
caused by #include-ing <iostream>, but there is no single place in the  
source code where this header is included. Can anyone tell me which  
other headers or functions can bring in the dependency on the _ctype  
symbol? Or maybe is there a tool in the MinGW/MSYS toolset that can  
tell me what causes this dependency? I'm using mingw-runtime-3.14 and  

Thanks in advance,

Tamas Nepusz <ntamas@...>

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