Bastian Bloessl | 20 Apr 16:13 2013

GRC and dynamically created message ports

Hi all,

I am working on a simple network stack like block, or call it message 
multiplexer. I want to dynamically create message ports of different 
types (think unicast and broadcast connections).

As for as I see, the current implementation does not allow this as

- the keys to uniquely identify message ports are their names, in 
contrast to numbers as for the other ports. The algorithm to remove and 
insert, however, expects numbers as in

def insert_port(get_ports, get_port, key):
    prev_port = get_port(str(int(key)-1))

- Multiple varying ports are not working. The first one is OK the others 
get deleted. This is due to the 'master_ports' selection and the 
insertion logic.

I made some changes and, at least for me, everything is working, but I 
don't know if this is supposed to be fixed like this.

It would be great if someone could have a look at it

I used this block definition for testing

and I don't experience this issue
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