Kiril Filipov | 8 Sep 03:55 2013

Android x86 4.3 on Toshiba Satellite a200 - No heaphones, no skype video, no hd on youtube

Hello gentlemen,

I installed Andorid x86 4.3 on an old, busted up Toshiba Sattelite a200 with the hope of turning my "old" 720p TV into a smart TV.
Initially it would not display on the right monitor, but when i boot with "video=LVDS-1:d" it is all GOOD :)

All is fine except three small glitches and i gotta ask you pros if there are solutions:

-Skype works fine BUT I cannot enable video calls -> when i click Settings -> Video -> Enable Video calls -> and confirm the device not certified warning it signs out, signs back in and nothing... no change.
  I should mention that the camera works fine and the camera app detects it but it cannot take pictures - it crashes when I try, but other apps work better.
  Voice calls and chat work without glitches.

-Youtube would not play HD video -> in the new and the old app when you play any HD video it hangs (also hangs the mouse for a bit) and then it says Error playing video... Press any key to try again (or smthing like that).
Once you disable HD or HQ for the video it plays fine.

-When I plug in the headphones (really the TV sound jack as I am connected with RGB and separate sound cables) the whole OS goes mute and struggles whenever it has to play a sound. I am assuming no AC97 drivers or something, because it freezes at the second i plug in the jack. (then unfreezes, but does not play sound. It also lags when you try to adjust the volume as that again plays some sounds)

Everything else, however, including Wifi, Wireless Mouse/Kbd, USB Sticks, Maps, Street View, Gmail, Facebook, Browses (not Chrome... says unsupported in the store, but Mozilla is OK, and the Default browser as well), Joysticks, Play Store, Bluetooth, Torrents for x86, Daydreaming, Live wallpapers and pretty much everything else I touched works SUPERB :)

My hat goes off to you,

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