Fragile Avatar | 5 Feb 04:10 2012

Re: Development Environment: Ubuntu 11.04 x64 Issues with repo/git

I'm making it now as it will help me to write my guide. I will enable
Seamless mode.

What is very cool is the base install was 4GB and I compressed it down
to 1.3GB. So I have high hopes the final image may only be 4-5GB and
expand to 12-15. :)

I'm spending roughly an hour a day on Android x86, which means tonight
I will have the build environment up and running, I just have to
download via repo.

One question: I've setup a repo for ICS on my host system. Can I copy
this folder to my virtual one to save time and bandwidth? If so that
would speed things up.

And a second question...I was planning on putting just HoneyComb & ICS
in this image. Any other suggestions or should we just stay with the
most current 2?

On Feb 4, 6:04 pm, Rinaldo Jonathan <rinaldo.jonat...@...>
> If you make it, of course i will download it...
> But if it is a virtualbox image...
> Dont forget the seamless mode....
> Hehee :P
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