CRPence | 1 Sep 00:36 2013

Re: V7R1 Parameters do not match those in program QSRVALID in QSYS.

   I submitted the following comments about that document [with regard 
to a snippet which is since pasted\included inline with the quoted 
message being replied-to]:

The EDTLIBL command typically would be useless to assist [except with 
some improbably bizarre and unsupported system configurations] because 
that command allows only the modification of the "user portion" of the 
library list.  The CHGSYSLIBL command [limited in authority; i.e. 
typical user is not authorized] is how the "system portion" of the 
library list is adjusted.

The command request WRKCMD CMD(*LIBL/SAVLIB) is more succinct and more 
appropriate.  Succinct because the command implicitly includes the 
object type.  Appropriate because "*LIBL" will present an ordered list 
of the [authorized] SAVLIB commands in the library list of the job, 
showing all of those that exist "in any library ahead of QSYS" 
for\within the job that issues the request.  If any job issues a command 
with the generic library name *ALL, whether the command names listed are 
"ahead of QSYS" requires additional work.  Locating every copy of the 
command outside of libraries QSYS [and any library named QSYS29##] still 
has value, but is not directly related to a specific failure in a 
specific job.

Regards, Chuck

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  Title: Message CPD0162 is Received when Running SAVLIB Command From 
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