Nicola Ken Barozzi | 3 Jan 12:43 2004

Re: JavaSrc

Davanum Srinivas wrote:

> Team,
> Here's the latest output - running against maven's source
> code.  this was so that we could compare with maven's jxr generated code -


How do you think to make Gump run it?

If we launch Gump adding -Dgump.merge=/.../merge.xml, we get a merged 
view of all the workspace, and can use that info to drive it all.

> Right now i need help from anyone who knows ANTLR and can handle grammars with ease. 

I'm a bit ignorant too... some info to get started

> we need to
> update the grammer and clean up some cross referencing stuff. Can anyone help me?

I'm game. What's to do?

> alternatively,
> does anyone know others who may have knowledge and might be willing to help?

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