bugzilla | 1 Jan 20:40 2011

DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46052] SetLocaleSupport is slow to initialize when many large items are on the classpath


--- Comment #2 from Jeremy Boynes <jboynes <at> apache.org> 2011-01-01 14:40:29 EST ---
Java6 introduced the java.util.spi.LocaleServiceProvider mechanism as a
pluggable mechanism for supporting additional Locales which requires searching
the classpath for LocaleServiceProvider implementations when supporting
getAvailableLocales(). Prior to 1.6 there was no extension mechanism and
getAvailableLocales() only returned the pre-defined Locales supported by the

The matching algorithm described by LocaleServiceProvider is the same as that
defined in the JSTL specification 9.3.2 LocaleLookup. We might be able to
resolve this issue by switching to the JVM's implementation.


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