Fournier, Camille F. | 2 Sep 16:12 2011

RE: ZooKeeper cleanup / refactoring / scala migration

Hi Thomas, 

Here's my feedback:

1. For any useful fixes you find here, please follow the normal procedures of raising a ticket and attaching
a patch. In my experience, static analysis tools often carry with them a lot of irrelevant noise, but as
long as the changes you propose are clean and don't break backwards compatibility, I would be happy to
review and accept such changes. 

What I can't promise is that you will get much traction on trying to push a patch with a huge number of fixes at
once. Every line of code we have to review increases the complexity of our job as reviewers. It would be
great if you could break these up into small patches and would definitely increase the odds of the changes
being accepted. 

We already have a reviewboard set up for zookeeper which you should plan to use, and of course the hadoop
build farm. If you believe additional analysis tools would be useful in our build, please work with our
build.xml and the infra team to get the necessary tools installed. It doesn't do us much good to fix things
caught by your build server and then have them break again because we don't have the tooling available.

2. I doubt you will get much traction here on pushing changes back. I'm a big fan of refactoring but at some
point refactoring for refactoring's sake does nothing but muddle the change history of a code base. Any
refactoring that needs to be done would be best done in conjunction with a fix or feature that it helps to

3. Sounds like a fun academic exercise for you. Maybe you could start with a Scala client that we could
support. Not sure there's any benefit since Scala can run Java code, but it could be interesting and maybe
something we could take back as a contribution if you wanted.


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