damodar kulkarni | 30 Aug 16:21 2012

Problem with searching mailing-lists archives

Hi Cafe,
I was trying to search for the following Haskell functions in the mailing list archives. Here is a summary of the responses I have had from various servers upon searching various "valid and normally used" Haskell function identifiers.

Responses from the http://www.mail-archive.com

 >>=, It seems the script searched for the string "> >"
* -> *There are 0 results.
and so on...

Responses from the http://search.gmane.org
>>=  Here, too, it seems the script searched for the string "> >"
* -> *  Here it seems the script searched for the string ">"
and so on...

Note: google badly fails to search these functions identifiers.

My current solution to this problem is: download compressed text archives and do a simple grep on it on my machine.

But the archives up to year 2000 only are found at http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/.
So, as an aside: Where do I find the earlier messages for downloading?


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