Steffen Schuldenzucker | 19 Oct 01:51 2012

ANNOUNCE: apphointments - A simple functional calendar

Dear Café,

I just wrote myself a small (~ 200 LOC) calendar application today.

Comments/Patches welcome.

 From the readme:

apphointments - A simple functional calendar

This is a "UI = Code" calendar application: You create an event by writing
code that defines it.
To see what's up next, you create a "report", i.e. a summary of the 
events in
a certain time range such as 'thisWeek'. This is done by haskell functions
again from GHCi or ghc -e.

See example.hs.

Using just haskell instead of our own language or GUI allows great 
in both defining events and generating reports. See e.g. the 'lecture'
combinator from Apphointments.Util.

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