Niklas Hamb├╝chen | 30 Oct 22:23 2012

ANNOUNCE: network-house

In absence of a library that easily parses network packages from
recorded raw data (not sockets), I have taken the network stack from the
House project and put it into a separate package, network-house.

This library allows you to parse Ethernet, TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP,
DHCP and TFTP packages from raw data (e.g. recorded traffic).

I have left the source code almost unmodified (apart from the relocation
of one module and a few necessary LANGUAGE pragmas).

As House development itself seems dormant, I invite you to collaborate
on the network stack on

If you would like to contribute, these are the things it definitely needs:

* A ByteString interface (it currently works on UArrays).
  If you know what the most performant way is to convert a UArray to a
ByteString, please let me know.
* Some examples how to use it
* Haddock documentation and code cleanup
* Somebody should ask the original authors if they would like to relax
the license from GPL to BSD.