Rob Stewart | 7 Nov 15:49 2012



I am pleased to announce the recent release of rdf4h 1.1.0 .

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web, and is a family of W3C specifications. RDF is a standardized machine readable data model that provides a common framework for expressing information to be exchanged between applications without loss of meaning. It is becoming a popular data-modelling language, thanks to the growing adoption of semantic web principles for publishing linked open data.

This `rdf4h' is a library for working with RDF in Haskell. It includes parsers and serializers for the N-Triples and Turtle formats. It provides abilities such as RDF graph comparison, querying for triples containing a particular subject, predicate, or object, or selecting triples that satisfy an arbitrary predicate function.

The library is on hackage:
Examples are on GitHub:

Contributions very welcome!

Rob Stewart
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