Maksymilian Owsianny | 18 Nov 19:22 2012

Automation of external library installation in haskell package.

Hello Haskell-Cafe,

I have created a package that requires an external library to be present on the machine.
Because of that, obviously, hackage fails to build it, and subsequently fails to generate

So my question is, how should I go about configuring Cabal/Setup.hs to automatize the
process to allow hackage to build it properly and also simplify the package installation
for the user.

The packages that I'm talking about are bindings to Awesomium:
and subsequently, the higher level ones that depend on it

Specifically, the installation process for linux is described as follows:

To install Awesomium, you'll need to add the shared library to your
system's library search path. On Ubuntu, you can use the following commands:

    cd awesomium_v1.6.5_sdk_linux32
    sudo mkdir /usr/lib/awesomium-1.6.5
    sudo cp -r build/bin/release/* /usr/lib/awesomium-1.6.5
    sudo ldconfig /usr/lib/awesomium-1.6.5

So if anyone could give me some hints, or point me to package that have a similar,
external-library-copying-and-registering installation process i would be grateful.
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