Eli Frey | 22 Nov 20:25 2012

Call for Seattle Area Haskell Users Group


(x-posted from /r/haskell)

I am calling for any interested parties to come together and help me get a SEA HUG going. My boss has offered to provide facilities and foods. I don't think he's expecting much, maybe we can make him second guess the offer :P.

I have put together a meetup group. I don't know what all Seattle area Haskellers are wanting from this kind of thing, so I thought our first meeting would be low key. Some time to shoot the bull and introduce ourselves. Some time to help each other on our stumbling blocks. Then talking about what we would want from further meetups.

We'll need a central place for discussion and coordination, so aside from voicing your support, it would be great if you could take further commentary over to the meetup page. If that doesn't work for some, let me know.

Hope to hear from y'all soon.

- Eli

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