Etienne Laurin | 24 Nov 01:03 2012

ANNOUNCE: rethinkdb 0.1.0


I am pleased to announce a Haskell client library for RethinkDB[1].
RethinkDB[2] is a newly released, open source, distributed database.
Its simple yet powerful API seemed well suited to be accessed from a
language like Haskell. This haskell library is modelled upon the
existing Javascript and Python API and adds static type checking.

Here is an example from the RethinkDB javascript tutorial[3] ported to Haskell:

run h $ orderBy ["reduction"]
       . groupedMapReduce (! "Stname") mapF (0 :: NumberExpr) (R.+)
       . filter' filterF
       . pluck ["Stname", "POPESTIMATE2011", "Dem", "GOP"]
       . zip'
       $ eqJoin (table "county_stats") "Stname" (table "polls")

       where mapF doc = ((doc ! "POPESTIMATE2011") R.*
                             ((doc ! "GOP") R.- (doc ! "Dem"))) R./ (100 :: Int)
             filterF doc = let dem = doc ! "Dem" :: NumberExpr; gop =
doc ! "GOP" in
                               (dem R.< gop) `and'` ((gop R.- dem) R.<

What is the advantage of RethinkDB? [4]

"What's really special about all RethinkDB queries is that the program
you wrote gets sent to the server, broken up into chunks, sent to
relevant shards, executed completely in parallel (to the degree that
the query makes possible -- complex queries often have multiple
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Brandon Allbery | 24 Nov 01:13 2012

Re: ANNOUNCE: rethinkdb 0.1.0

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 7:03 PM, Etienne Laurin <etienne <at>> wrote:
What is the advantage of RethinkDB? [4]

How about a URL for those who prefer not to be sold by Facebook?

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Etienne Laurin | 24 Nov 02:10 2012

Re: ANNOUNCE: rethinkdb 0.1.0

> How about a URL for those who prefer not to be sold by Facebook?

Sorry I did not realise there was an intrusive login dialog on that
page. You can click on the "close" link in the login dialog to view
the content of the page.

Etienne Laurin