Nicolas Trangez | 30 Nov 22:26 2012

ANN: zeromq3-conduit, Conduit bindings for zeromq3-haskell


I published zeromq3-conduit, a small library which facilitates using
zeromq3-haskell, a binding for ZeroMQ 3.x, in a Conduit-based

The 'examples' folder in the source repository contains ports of the
zeromq3-haskell examples.

The library also contains a module which might ease using plain
zeromq3-haskell: it lifts some of the IO actions into MonadIO and
provides a ReaderT which carries a Context around, so sockets can be
created without passing this around explicitly.

Package is on Hackage [1] and Github [2]. Comments/feedback/pull
requests/... welcome!