Ian-Woo Kim | 13 Dec 16:57 2012

ANNOUNCE: hoodle : Pen note-taking program written in haskell

Hi, Haskellers!

I am happy to announce hoodle : pen note-taking program written in haskell.
Hoodle is a continuation of the development of hxournal. I renamed it
to hoodle, apparently meaning Haskell + doodle. It has undergone many
changes and bug fixes. Hopefully, this program is now useful to users.

See how it works in action :

Hoodle has been uploaded on hackage and is installable using cabal.
After the installation of gtk2hs, you can install it by simply typing

> cabal install hoodle

As a default, pdf annotation is turned off, but if you have installed
poppler, then you can install hoodle with pdf-annotation function by

> cabal install -fpoppler hoodle-render hoodle-core hoodle

Hoodle Homepage is http://ianwookim.org/hoodle
Have fun with hoodle!


Ian-Woo Kim