Badi' Abdul-Wahid | 31 Dec 00:03 2012

ANNOUNCE: bindings to workqueue for distributed applications

Hello all

I'm announcing a release of bindings to the WorkQueue distributed computing framework.
This release comprises two packages:
    - bindings-cctools: low-level FFI bindings
    - cctools-workqueue: high-level interface built on top of bindings-cctools

WorkQueue is a Master/Worker framework for building flexible, fault-tolerant, distributed applications. WorkQueue has been used to scale to several thousand nodes, combining resources from different execution environments (HPC, cycle-scavenging, Cloud).

Details can be found on the project website:

The current bindings are for version 3.6.1 of CCTools.

Here are documentation for bindings-cctools and cctools-workqueue:

A documented example can be found in the repository.

If you want to try out these bindings, you will need to install CCTools first.

Any feedback is welcome.



Badi' Abdul-Wahid
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