Ian-Woo Kim | 17 Jan 00:47 2013

ANN: hoodle-0.1.1

Hi, hoodle lovers :-)

I am pleased to announce hoodle v0.1.1.
In this version, I  added the following functionality and made several
   * context (popup) menu support : after you select, you will see a
context menu for the selected items (make pdf, make svg, cut, copy,
delete ...) You can also make your own context menu by scripting
$HOME/.hoodle.d/start.hs. I will explain this later in this email.
   * text input support : text can be entered. currently font cannot
be changed yet.
   * SVG import support : SVG can be imported as vector graphics
   * JPG import support : in addition to PNG, now JPG can be imported
   * embedding image : by default, hoodle now embed image in the file.
It can be turned off by checking off in option menu.
   * full screen mode support
   * color picker support
   * rendering engine is improved much
I have added the following experimental functions.
   * LaTeX input support (more precisely itex and MathML) : using
lasem library ( https://live.gnome.org/Lasem  git repository :
http://git.gnome.org/cgit/lasem/ ), mathematical expression input is
   * smooth scrolling

Internally, hoodle generates SVG image from text (and latex input), so
that it can be viewed exactly the same for any computer and font

Hoodle has a scripting support like xmonad. If you have
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