Theo | 24 Jan 13:44 2013

Video - Simon Marlow on High Performance Concurrency - Skills Matter's Haskell eXchange

Simon Marlow took the floor at the first annual Haskell eXchange last year to talk about high performance concurrency. 
Simon observes that the haskell community has been spending inordinate amounts
 of time designing beautiful programming models and APIs, whilst spending relatively less time building 
applications that solve real problems. 

In this talk Simon wants to start from an application that they want to build -- a simple concurrent chat server---and use that to inform some library design. Along the way we’ll 
learn useful techniques for building concurrent network applications, and show how the power of 
Software Transactional Memory can be brought to bear. Yet this application demonstrates some holes
 in the abstractions provided by Haskell as it stands, Simon shows a simple layer called “async”
 that fills the gap and should be widely useful for concurrent programming.

To watch the podcast in full follow this link -
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