Guillaume Hoffmann | 30 Jan 15:47 2013

Darcs Hacking Sprint #8 (February 15-17, Paris)

Dear hackers,

the Darcs project is glad to announce that the next Hacking Sprint will
take place in Paris on February 15-17, at the IRILL (near Place d'Italie).

Please check out the details at:

Here are three things to know

1. Everybody is welcome to join us.  We'd love to have you, whatever
   your Haskell or Darcs hacking experience.  Also, if you've got a
   wacky idea for the future of version control, or a cool use for the
   Darcs library, you should join us too :-)

2. Please let us know if you're attending.  Just add your name to and you're good to go.
   You can also send us an email.

3. We can reimburse travel costs (within reason!).  Let us know if you'd
   like a reimbursement, and save your receipts.

   Many thanks to everybody who participated in our fundraising drives
   or who gave money on the side.  Thanks also to the Software Freedom
   Conservancy for making fundraising and reimbursements so painless!
   If you can't join us in person, but you'd like to cheer us on,
   say hello at !

Looking forward to seeing you!
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