Alexander Bernauer | 4 Feb 22:51 2013

<package>-inplace is shadowed by package <package>-<hexstring>


I am trying to write criterion benchmarks for the pretty library.
Unfortunately, building the benchmark executable fails at some point
during the development with the following error message:

<command line>: cannot satisfy -package-id pretty-
    pretty- is shadowed by package

I don't understand the cause of the error, let alone what I am
supposed to do next. Any help is much appreciated.

Here are the steps that lead to the above quoted error. Sorry, if this
is not the smallest counter example possible. As I said, I hardly
understand what is going on.

(the two patch files mentioned are attached to this email, virthualenv
is version 0.2.1)
git clone
cd pretty
git apply /tmp/0001-hello-world-setup.patch
export PATH=/opt/ghc-7.4.2/install/bin:/opt/haskell-platform-2012.4.0.0/install/bin:$PATH
source .virthualenv/bin/activate

cabal configure --user
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