Derek Wright | 17 Feb 11:07 2013

[ANNOUNCE] London Haskell user group - Being Lazy - Wed 27-Feb-13

Wednesday 27-Feb-2013 6-45pm (prompt)

City University, College Building, St John Street, London. EC1V 4PB

Being Lazy

Speaker: Peter Marks

This talk will explore lazy evaluation in Haskell. After a brief 
introduction to non-strictness, and establishing a basic conceptual 
model of evaluation in Haskell, the primary focus will be on how we can 
utilize laziness to allow us to write programs differently to how we 
would in an eagerly evaluated language. The session will be rich on code 
with a worked example of a complete program. We'll also touch on some of 
the pitfalls of laziness that we run into in real world situations.

Peter Marks has been developing software for over thirty years and has 
been using Haskell commercially for four years. He currently leads the 
FPF team at Barclays and is an active member of the London Haskell 
community, running the Hoodlums meetup group.

N.B. The start time is slightly later than previously, to make sure 
everybody has arrived by the time the talk starts. Doors open 6-30pm, 
try not to be late!