Dmitry Olshansky | 12 Mar 11:11 2013

ANNOUNCE xml-conduit-generic

Hello, cafe!

I made a package xml-conduit-generic to provide conversion from ADT to xml and vice versa.
Conversion works as Conduit (ToXml) or Consumer (FromXml).


data T4 = T4 {v4 :: Int, n4 :: Maybe T4} deriving (Eq, Show, Generic)
instance ToXml T4
instance FromXml T4

> runToXml $ T4 5 $ Just $ T4 6 Nothing
"<T4 v4=\"5\"><n4 v4=\"6\"/></T4>"

> runFromXml $ "<T4 v4=\"5\"><n4 v4=\"6\"/></T4>" :: IO (Either String T4)
Right $ T4 5 $ Just $ T4 6 Nothing

It would be great if someone look to the version on github and give me some notes. Then I am going to put it on hackage.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a way to avoid OverlappingInstances (for GFromXml class). Any ideas are welcome.

Best regards,
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