wren ng thornton | 21 Mar 06:17 2013

ANN: bytestring-lexing 0.4.2

-- bytestring-lexing 0.4.2

The bytestring-lexing package offers efficient reading and packing of
common types like Double and Integral types.

-- Changes (since 0.4.0)

* Faster implementation of packDecimal.

Inspired by [1] I applied the same optimizations to the ByteString
implementation of packDecimal. According to the benchmarks I have on hand
the new version is about 1.3x faster than the old version. So the
difference isn't nearly as impressive; but it's not trivial either.

* Added buffer overflow check for asHexadecimal.

This only matters if you try converting a ByteString longer than (maxBound
`quot` 2 ::Int). I forget if the old version segfaulted or what; but now
you get an error message about trying to allocate a buffer that's too


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