luc taesch | 31 Mar 22:42 2013

Organising code in FRP

I am just learning FRP ( via reactive-banana) . so possibly opening a
topic already mentionned , apologises in advance, and pointers welcomed.

I am wondering about "code structuration" ? ie spagetti code for the network
1/ in a non trivial FRP applicaiton, how to manage "modulatity" or
structuration of the Network ? ( most of the example I scanned are
toy-size). I ca imagine it may not be trvial to find its way around in
a large setup ...
2/ what about the separation of "layers". I mean fine, we extract the
reactive ness from the GUI, and separate the layout of widgets from the
behaviors of these great, but is it to then mingle the UI with the
"business part" ( say in banking), and the infrastructure side ( say
persistence, comms, transactionnality, etc)

in other words, how tdoes the nice abstraction developped ( module/
interface / categoty patterns, monad, etc) coexsit with a netork of FRP
event and behaviors ?

Any prior art on this ?
( and which place si best to discuss this ?)