Luc TAESCH | 31 Mar 23:23 2013

graphical editor links ?

I am designing some graphical editor ( visio - dia like) and would be interested to hear any pointer to help me think on the architecture of this, in term of data structure/ EDSL/ persistence/ paradigm (FP/ FRP/...)

for the different "layers of abstraction " I may see , like 
rendering libraries ( gtk/wx..)<-> model of the diagram<-> semantics ( this is a state diag/ archimate / mind mapping , i.e. what the glyph and lines means ) <-> persistence

Any help & pointers welcomed ! 
( and which place is best to discuss this ?)

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Stephen Tetley | 1 Apr 09:14 2013

Re: graphical editor links ?

A while ago there was a framework Blobs for building box-connector
diagram editors.

It is probably a somewhat bit-rotted now:

I seem to remember a Haskell Workshop report about Dazzle (the
application that was the genesis of Blobs) but it doesn't appear to be
linked from that page.