Mark Flamer | 5 Apr 02:48 2013

Haskell and WinRT

There was a short thread on this in the beginners section a while back. I
think it is an exciting subject and would like to hear what others thoughts
are on it. The Windows 8 metro style apps are built using a new API that is
designed to be exposed to other languages using "language projections" which
are a thin wrapper around the windows runtime. Microsoft has provided these
for C#, C++, Javascript & HTML and is encouraging language developers to
create them for other languages. This seems like it might be the easiest
rout to getting Haskell apps on tablets etc. with a modern UI. Simon Marlow
discusses it briefly on  this
<>   page and
there is a video on the topic  here
. Might even be a good summer of code project for someone.

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