Bernie Pope | 17 Apr 11:28 2013

Announce: Blip, a bytecode compiler for Python 3 (implemented in Haskell)

I'm pleased to announce Blip version 0.1.0, a bytecode compiler for Python 3.

Blip compiles Python 3 source files to bytecode. The output bytecode is compatible with the CPython interpreter (the "standard" Python implementation).

For example, given a Python 3 source file called, the command:


produces a bytecode file called foo.pyc. The bytecode can be executed by passing it as an argument to a CPython interpreter:

   python3 foo.pyc

This is an early development release of Blip, so it is not ready for serious use, however it supports most of the Python 3 language already.

It has been tested on OS X 10.7.5 with GHC 7.4.2. The output has been tested with Python 3.3.0.

Currently implemented features:

Features not yet implemented (but are on the way):

Wiki for more information:

Bernie Pope.

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