Thomas DuBuisson | 24 Apr 00:04 2013

[ANN] New releases of crypto-api, DRBG, commsec, commsec-keyexchange, and cipher-aes128


I have recently released new versions of:

- crypto-api[1]:  An interface for cryptographic algorithms such as
block ciphers, hashes, and secure random number generators.  This
version includes Klondike's cbcMac and SIV modes of operation - much
thanks to his numerous patches.

- DRBG[2]: A set of deterministic random bit generators (aka CPRNGs)
based on NIST 800-90.

- commsec[3]: A communications security package that provides data in
transit security using AES-128 GCM without any external, C library,

- commsec-keyexchange[4]: A key exchange tool that leverages RSA keys
to establish connection's for use with the commsec package.

- cipher-aes128[5]: A re-packaging of Vincent Hanquez's excellent AES routines.

==Crypto API==

Crypto-API was first released in 2010 with an aim of providing an
interface useful to consumers of cryptographic algorithms and
providers of those algorithms.  It includes classes for block, stream,
and asymmetric ciphers as well as for random number generators,
hashes, and signature algorithms.

Recent changes include:
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