Christopher Howard | 3 May 05:57 2013

Cabal / cabal-install: special installation

Hi. This question dovetails off my previous thread. I described how I
got ghc-7.6.3 installed from source onto an old RHEL5 machine.

Naturally, I want to get cabal-install installed and start building
great Hackage software. However, I have this quirk: I installed GHC to a
special directory using ./configure --prefix=/specialdirectory/local. It
is in my path, and works just fine. But when I try to build
cabal-install, it claims it can't find Base, Cabal, and a few other
things I know are installed. I know they are installed because I can see
where they are installed and I can import stuff from them within GHCI.

The result is the same whether I use the boot script, or whether I use
runhaskell Setup configure (with or without a --prefix option). Is there
another environment variable I need to set or something like that?

(I need to emphasize that I do not want to install anything to $HOME,
because my $HOME directory is shared across multiple systems.)



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