Amy de Buitléir | 4 May 22:35 2013

ANNOUNCE: grid 5.0

I'm happy to announce a new major release of the grid package: (wiki)


* Octagonal grids (just the thing for tiling that hyperbolic bathroom floor!)

* Want to use the square grid, but need diagonal movement too? Try
  the octagonal grid. See the userguide for more information.

* Updated the userguide to reflect the changes.

Grid provides tools for working with regular arrangements of tiles, such as
might be used in a board game or self-organising map (SOM). Grid currently
supports triangular, square, hexagonal, and octagonal tiles, with various 2D
and toroidal layouts. If you need a tile shape or layout that isn't
currently provided, please let me know. See Math.Geometry.Grid for an
example of how to use the package. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.