Jose A. Ortega Ruiz | 5 May 05:29 2013

[ANN] xmobar 0.17 released

I've just released version 0.17 of xmobar, a lightweight system monitor
written in Haskell.

Release notes:

_New features_

  - Icons support: it's now possible to insert bitmaps in the template
    (Edward O'Callaghan, Alexander Polakov and Tomáš Janoušek).
  - Initial support for reacting to mouse clicks (Alexander Polakov).
  - New `TopP` and `BottomP` alignments, taking left and right
    paddings (thanks to Dmitry Malikov).
  - New `<freeratio>` field for memory monitor (Peter Simons).
  - New `allDesktops` and `overrideRedirect` configuration options,
    providing dock behaviour in tiling WMs (when set to True and False
    respectively). Cf. discussion at [github #105].
  - Experimental `-d` (start as a dock) option, may address [github #67]
    in some window managers.

_Bug fixes_

  - Partial (as reports go) fix for [github #77].
  - Safer volume plugin (Dmitry Malikov).
  - Battery percentage capped at 100% (RJ Regenold).


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