Robert Goss | 9 May 02:14 2013

Algebra in Haskell

Dear all,

There are several libraries in haskell for abstract algebra but they 
don't seem to cover my use case I was wondering if other people have had 
similar issues and if there are any packages I am missing.

What I am prinicpaly interested in is operation on algebraic stuctures 
(homomorphisms, kernels, quotients, colimits, etc) whereas most algebra 
packages seem to just give operations on the elements of an algebraic 

So I would like to be able to write something like...

g = freeGroup(["x","y"])
h = freeGroup(["z"])
phi = grpMorphismOnGens([("x","z"^6) , ("y","z")])
k = grpKernel phi
(gens,rels) = grpPresentation (grpQuotient g k)

Thank you,

Robert Goss