Sergey Mironov | 13 May 11:15 2013

ANN haskdogs-0.3.2

Hi. I'm pleased to announce haskdogs-0.3.2, a source navigation helper.

Haskdogs is a small HSH-based tool which calls hasktags to create tag file for
entire haskell project. It takes into account first-level dependencies by
recursively scanning imports and adding matching packages to the final tag list.

As a result, programmer can use her text editor supporting tags (vim, for
example) to jump directly to definition of any function she uses.

Note that haskdogs call Unix shell commands like 'test' or 'mkdir' so this tool
will likely fail to work on pure Windows platforms. In return, haskdogs is
pretty small - only 125 lines long.


* Generate extended tag file by default (hasktags -c -x)
* Add -d command line option which allows user to specify additional source
* Fix no-sources bug

See also Vim-hint at


	cabal install hasktags haskdogs

	haskdogs [-d (FILE|'-')] [FLAGS]
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