Nikhil Swamy | 2 Aug 20:20 2013

ICFP Programming Contest (starts in < 1 week)

Update: This year's ICFP programming contest is just 1 week away. You will have to register to participate 72 hours in advance. Do it now!

Update: For updates about the contest, follow us on twitter at ICFPContest2013



If you fancy yourself a discriminating hacker, or just want to prove that your programming language of choice is clearly the best, you should plan to participate in the contest now! 


-- The contest will start at: 1700 PDT on August 8, 2013 (0000 UTC on August 9, 2013)

-- The contest will end at:  1700 PDT on August 11, 2013 (0000 UTC August 12, 2013).

-- You need to pre-register for the contest, 72 hours prior to the contest at the latest


A hint for this year: The programming task will involve an element of program synthesis.


If you have friends who use languages that are not too shabby, or are just extremely cool hackers, give them a heads up too!


For more information, visit:





The organizers, Peli de Halleux, Michal Moskal, Nikhil Swamy, and Nikolai Tillmann, are all members of the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group at MSR Redmond.


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